LUPO NATURAL - Welcome LUPO NATURAL is a product made by ecologists Our meat is natural and NOT a result of industrial explotation We are living our whole life as freeland chickens LUPO NATURAL is free from synthethic vitamines or additives LUPO NATURAL with AQUAMIN® - VITAMIN - KOMPLEX from the depths of the sea

1.Your right to a refund or replacement:
You have the right to a complete refund or replacement of your product in cases of mistakes in transportation, such as a repeated delivery on our part, a delivery with a product you have not asked for, or a delivery with damaged products. In these cases you will not be liable for the product, for the transportation costs, or for the new delivery.

a. LUPO NATURAL in Spain only asumes the delivery costs of mistaken deliveries or damaged goods.
b.To receive a full refund, telephone directly to LUPO NATURAL in Spain within two days of receiving the product. This way we can retrieve the goods, issue a refund, or arrange for a replacement delivery.
In refundable cases, you may be offered different options:
•for a complete refund of your money by bank transfer to your account within 24 hrs.
•to receive a replacement or correct product without charge.
•to leave the money in your LUPO NATURAL account, as a credit to be used for future purchases.
•if you wish a refund this will be issued immediately on our receipt of the; mistaken or damaged product.
LUPO NATURAL, Spain, reserve the right to issue only part or no refund of the amount paid for returned products that are damaged, incomplete, or dirty.
In extreme cases of vandalism or dishonest purchases we may bill the transport costs to you.
The GOLDEN rule of LUPO NATURAL in Spain is: “Direct and personal contact”
To achieve all the necessary steps, we ask you please not to hesitate in phoning us directly, or by e-mail, although we would prefer to talk directly to you by telephone, or even in person. We believe that people understand each other better by talking. Our desire is to find a quick solution to your complaint or problem, assess it and sort it out, by helping you, our customers. Conrado and Karin Grandville is the director of LUPO NATURAL in Spain and his politics are very clear: To make customer service and dedication his first priority and not to make a profit at their expense. This way if the company does make a profit, it will be through good service and help for the customer, not the other way around.

2. Refunds for double payments
Sometimes clients pay for their order by credit or debit cards and the transport companies (MRW, UPS, NACEX, etc.) may make the mistake of charging the customer again on delivery.
if this happens please get in touch with us immediately. LUPO NATURAL, will look into the matter and if you have paid double for the same delivery we will immediately return to you the amount that you have paid the second time. As compensation for this mistake, we will also send you a gift with your next order.

3.Orders, deliveries, and personal collection.
In cases where the desired product of a customer is unavailable or no longer exists we will inform you at once to try to find a mutual solution and satisfactory outcome. You may have the option of waiting until our refrigerated lorry arrives from Germany or you may opt to receive a part order.
Deliveries will be made within the Iberian peninsular by MRW, NACEX, UPS or other prestigious companies who offer deliveries within 18 to 24 hrs.
We will pass your order on to our representative in the Balearic islands and he will deliver it to you as soon as we have passed it on to him.

Orders and deliveries within the Canary islands will take between 4 to 10 days approximately. This depends on the boat schedules and road transport.

If you are not at home when we deliver your products, the messenger will leave an advice note, telling you that we have called. You may call on the telephone number, left by the messenger.
If you prefer you may call direct to LUPO NATURAL, Spain, and we will make sure that the products you have asked for are quickly, and saftely delivered to you. There will be no further charge if your goods are delivered the following day.

For all orders made by Petshops, herbal stores, vets, wholesalers, or breeders, we ask that you contact LUPO NATURAL, Spain directly, either by telephone or Email.

A delivery time of between 18 to 24 hrs, (except exceptionales cases of holiday, idles, mistakes, etc.). of or next day delivery is possible for orders made to, LUPO NATURAL, Spain, by telephone, internet, SMS or email, between Monday to Thursday and before 17.00 hrs, if it is a working day and it is anywhere on the peninsular.
You will receive your goods on Monday if your order has been placed on a friday. We do not make deliveries on a saturday or Sunday except in such cases where a mutual agreement has been made to personally pick up your order from our headquarters in the Beniarbeig Industrial Estate, Calle Riu Segura, 9, 03778 Beniarbeig, Alicante, 3 minutes from Ondara Shopping centre. (For more information, please consult the map or call us: 965 76 76 76).
In emergencies we may be able to deliver your goods on a saturday, however this will incurr an extra, additional cost on your part.
In this case we ask that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can organise your consignment and inform you of the extra cost, before delivery.
Orders made during the weekend will be prepared on Monday and you will receive your goods on Tuesday.
LUPO NATURAL, Spain does not take responsibility for delays in delivery when it is a national holiday, local holiday, Saint’s day, bad weather, strikes, or long weekends. These events may differ from town to town, therefore deliveries will apply to each individual town.
We advise you to order well in advance when there is an upcoming National or Local holiday. This way we can make sure that your delivery gets to you in plenty of time and that your pet doesnt go without his dinner!
Of course we do offer an emergancy service, under telephone number 639 00 12 48. LUPO NATURAL, Spain will do everything in their power to assist you and your pet with any problems that you may have, even in cases of fiestas, or strikes.

4.Breakages caused by the transporter or deliveryman:
It is important that you sign the delivery note or invoice the moment you take receipt of your goods. If you see that the box or packet is broken, please get the company driver to put it in writing on the invoice.

If it is not noted on the invoice, or to the company driver that the goods are damaged or broken, LUPO NATURAL, Spain will not be able to claim on the insurance of the said company who will be responsible for the cost of delivering a new consignment to you.
LUPO NATURAL, Spain reserve the right not to incurr any added costs, or take any responsibility for damaged or broken goods whilst in transport if it has not been noted on the invoice and delivery note, as the transport company, will not accept our claim for damages.

In the case where you have not specified on the delivery note that there are any breakages or damage of goods because you have not seen any such damages at the time of delivery, LUPO NATURAL, Spain, by law, may make a claim to the transport company within 24 hrs of your delivery.
In this case, please call us immediately so that we can make the corresponding claim to the transport company, who will then call on you to check the damages (breakages or damages inside the package due to bad handling, packages that have been dropped etc) It would be a great help if you could take photographs of the damaged packages etc with a digital camera. Please send photos to us, if possible by e-mail.

5.Prices: Money, VAT, Transport costs, and Insurance.
All our prices are quoted in Euros and 8% VAT is included (Value Added Tax) also transport costs and insurance until final delivery.

6.Right of ownership of LUPO NATURAL, Spain, products.
Untill a customer has paid for the goods, either by cash on delivery, credit card, bank card, or bank transfer, the said goods shall remain the property of LUPO NATURAL, Spain.

7.Forms of payment
Payment may be made, by cash, credit card, bank card, or bank transfer to our national account in the Banco Santander cuenta: 0049 4491 29 2090012192 or you may pay in person at one of our warehouses.
Your credit card will be charged after you have placed your order. Your order will then be prepared immediately for transport and delivery. If you have paid LUPO NATURAL, Spain by credit card, only to find later that the required goods are unnavailable, please get in touch with us by telephone immediately so that we can rectify the situation and issue you with a refund.

8.Second orders without payment having been made for the previous order.
In the case that a customer has not settled a previous account, he or she may not place another order until such time as the previous outstanding monies have been paid to LUPO NATURAL, Spain.
This point is valid for all customers such us Petshop owners, breeders, wholesalers, private clients, etc.

9.Failure to pay
LUPO NATURAL, Spain may claim outstanding monies due to them, in the following ways: by personal contact with the person or persons, (on up to 4 different occasions) Or by different legal means
(Judges, lawyers, debt collectors, etc.) up to a period of 6 years.

10. Policy of protection and treatment of personal details. LOPD (Agencia estatal de la ley orgánica de protección de Datos.) The protection of data under: The State Organic Law

The present legal notice in "General Conditions" regulates the use of the internet portal services. as in, LUPO NATURAL of Spain, Conrado and Karin Grandville, business address: Polígono Industrial (Industrial Estate) Beniarbeig, Calle Riu Segura, 9, 03778 Beniarbeig, prov. of Alicante.
Tel.: 965 76 76 76
e-Mail: - Fax: 965 76 67 46

Director-responsible for Spain: Conrado and Karin Grandville

General Conditions (Part 2)
Company registered in the LOPD

The General conditions between Conrado and Karin Grandville of, LUPO NATURAL of Spain, and the users of telematic services on the web are subject to the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction laws.

The parties surrender expressively to the law, which may correspond to, and be subject of, the Judges and Tribunals of Beniarbeig / Dénia to resolve whatever conflict or controversy that may arise in the interpretation or execution of the present contractual conditions.

Contents and use
The user is informed and accepts that the access to the here present website does not suppose in any way to initiate a comercial relationship with Conrado and Karin Grandville of, LUPO NATURAL of Spain.
The titled holder of the web is not responsible for, and may not share the opinions of any colaborators using the web site. The company reserves the right to make modifications that are considered beneficial to their website without prior notice, such as removing, changing, or adding, either the contents or services. The same applies to the way they are presented or positioned in the wesite’s services pages.

Intellectual and industrial property
The intellectual property rights contained in the website, its graphic design, photos, comments, advice, translations, and codes are owned by Conrado and Karin Grandville, of LUPO NATURAL of Spain, and therefor any reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, or any other activity that may change in any way the original contents are prohibited by law, except with expressed consent in writing from Conrado and Karin Grandville, of, LUPO NATURAL of Spain.
All comercial names, makes, different signs or symbols of any type, contained in the website are the property of the company and its owners and are protected by law.
The relationship present in the website of, Conrado and Karin Grandville, of, LUPO NATURAL of Spain, is soley of an informative nature and in no case, supposes to suggest, invite or reccommend anything.

The object of our privacy policy is to respect the applicable legislation of the personal data protection laws to the maximum. If you have any doubts about the confidentiality or treatment of your personal details please get in contact with us: Director, responsible, Conrado and Karin Grandville, LUPO NATURAL, Spain..
Tel: 965 76 76 76

All details asked for by means of written applications or by email are used only by permission and for sending information with regards to the activity for which they were applied for. These details are not incorporated into any records, are used only for billing purposes, and used only for the specific reason for, which they are received.

To achieve this protection and security, we have installed the most advanced technology, such as Firewall, antivirus, antihacker, and encripted codes in all of our equipment and computors.
We guarantee that we do not, nor will we ever share your personal details with any organisation or any other company outside of the transport companies, couriers, or warehouses that prepare our customers’ orders.
Users answer to and guarentee, in all cases, to the truthfulness, accuracy, terms, and authenticity of the Personal details supplied.

http://www.LUPO does not use “cookies” in its website.
The navigation throughout the website is anonymous, only registering information on the number of visits, time, etc, and only the statistics are logged in the files.

11. The LUPO NATURAL, Spain, official documents, representation, Central telephone lines, and headquarters for, Spain, Portugal y Andorra are situated in:

The Beniarbeig Industrial Estate, 03778 Beniarbeig, Calle Riu Segura, 9 prov. de Alicante.
Tel.: 965 76 76 76
e-Mail: info@LUPO, Fax: 902 885 879
Directora, responsible Conrado and Karin Grandville
Registered Company in the LOPD. (Agencia estatal de la ley orgánica de protección de Datos.) The protection of data under: The State Organic Law nº. 2091030777 and 2091030781.

Our warehouse is situated 3 minutes from the Ondara Commercial centre and 4 minutes from the A7 motorway exit, Denia-Ondara.
*From the Denia exit, follow the directions to Oliva. At the roundabout take the 731 exit road to Orba.
*On the left hand side, direction Orba, you will see new ITV (M.O.T.) centre.
*Travel 250 mtrs and you will find the industrial estate, (and LUPO NATURAL) on the right hand side.
(If you have any doubts, consult our map or call us on the telephone)

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